SailTies for Schools

The simple way for sailors and instructors to log their time afloat, manage qualifications and create a sailing resume.

This allows schools to promote courses to previous and potential customers, at the most timely moments in their sailing life.

Case Study: Nomad Sailing School

Nomad students track courses and qualifications on SailTies.

  • These voyages provide the school with engaging content to share on social media and in email marketing.
  • Data on a customers' future voyages lets the school promote courses at the perfect moment, when qualifying experienced is reached.

“We recommend SailTies to Nomad Sailing students as the best way to keep a record of their sailing experience.

It's the must have app for sailors!”

SailTies User

Lou Barden

Chief Instructor, Nomad Sailing

Nomad Sailing Group Page on SailTies

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Groups?

A page on SailTies where you can find all of the voyages and sailors associated with a sailing school, in one place. Build a community around your customers' sailing!

Who are Groups for?

Groups are a perfect way for sailing schools. We have also had clubs, boat owners associations, events and more sign up for a group page.

How do I create a SailTies page for my sailing school?

Just fill out the form below and we will set up your free page for you.

How do customers add voyages to a school's page?

It's easy! SailTies users can tag a group when they publish a voyage. The voyage and sailor will then appear on the group page and the group's stats (e.g. Nautical Miles) will be updated.

How do I add existing voyages to my school's group?

Open one of your voyages on SailTies, scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the 'Add to Group' button.

How much will SailTies cost for my school and customers?

Nothing! SailTies is free for schools and sailors.

Still have questions?

Thank you for getting this far and sorry you haven't found an answer. We would love to chat with you about how SailTies can help your sailing school.

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