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Voyages captured on SailTies

Some of our favourite voyages, shared by sailors from around the world:

Capture your whole voyage in one place

With SailTies you can capture a rich memory of your voyage, that’s saved in one place for easy access.

  • Store the track, photos and notes all in one place.
  • Add the crew to remember who was onboard.
  • Key stats like duration and distance are saved automatically.
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SailTies Voyage

Collaboration with crew makes capturing easier

Adding crew to voyages lets you all take part in capturing the memories.

  • Only one crew member needs to record the voyage.
  • All other crew members can then collaborate by adding photos and crew logs to the voyage.
  • The voyage will appear on everyone's profiles.
Collaborating with crew on a SailTies voyage

Share easily with friends and family

  • Post an image of your voyage straight to social media
  • Send a link to friends and family that opens in any web browser, without them needing to download the app.
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Sharing a SailTies voyage to an Instagram story

Your sailing experience summarised

With your SailTies profile you can easily look back on and share your sailing experience.

  • Total miles and time at sea calculated automatically.
  • Previews of all your voyages help you pick the one you’re looking for.
  • Your own public link to share your sailing profile.
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Start capturing your sailing for free ⛵️

Created by two sailors, Tom and Chris, to track and treasure their sailing adventures. SailTies is now available for others to enjoy!

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