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How To: Import GPX files to SailTies

Dec 20, 2022 • Written by Chris Jacobs

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How To: Import GPX files to SailTies

We are making it easier and easier for you to log every single mile. You can import GPX files for voyages recorded on hardware (e.g. chart plotters), wearables and other apps such as Navionics.

Best of all - you still get all the lovely SailTies features, such as photos on track and the ability to collaborate with crew to share photos and logs with each other.

This short How To guide will explain:

  1. Importing GPX from device files
  2. Importing GPX from Navionics and other apps

Importing GPX from device files

  1. Go to the 'My Sailing' tab in the SailTies app
  2. Tap the 'Import GPX' button
  3. Select the file from your device's files

This will create a new draft voyage in SailTies, which you can edit and publish just like a voyage recorded with the SailTies app.

Importing GPX from Navionics (and other apps)

If the app you tracked on has a GPX export function, it will present the default share screen to select where to send the GPX file.

SailTies is setup to receive GPX files and therefore will appear on the list of options.

The following screenshots are from Navionics, please let us know if you aren't sure how to export GPX files from your hardware or app.