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How to Add Vessels to your Voyages ⛵️

Apr 24, 2023 • Written by Thomas Guy

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How to Add Vessels to your Voyages ⛵️

Adding vessels to your voyages on SailTies lets you create a rich memory of your sailing, as well as building a record of the boats you have sailed!

This short How-To guide will explain:

  • Adding a vessel to your voyage
  • Creating a New Vessel
  • Viewing vessels on voyages

Adding a Vessel to Your Voyage

To start, you can simply add a vessel either from the draft voyage screen OR the published voyage screen by tapping the "Add Vessel" Button:

Add Vessel to your Voyage

Then you have 3 ways to pick the correct vessel:

  1. You have already added the vessel on SailTies - just tap it from your recent vessels list and you are done 🎉.
  2. You are sailing on a vessel for the first time - search for the vessel by name and tap on the search result to select it.
  3. If the vessel is not in our database yet, tap 'Create' to add it yourself.

Find or create a new vessel

Creating a New Vessel

  1. First, add a photo.
  2. Then select the vessel type. You can choose from a list of well-known vessel types or tap "Other" to enter the manufacturer and model if the vessel type can not be found.
  3. You can optionally add a build year, registered country and one or more identifying numbers.
  4. Tap "Submit" and you are done! the newly created vessel will be added to your voyage 🎉⛵️

Describe your vessel

Viewing Vessels on Voyages

To view the vessel on any SailTies voyage, simply tap on the vessel!

You will then see a detailed view of the vessel, with the ability to zoom in on the vessel photo 😍

View a voyage's vessel

Coming up ⛵️

As we continue to improve SailTies, we will be creating a view that will allow you to see all of the vessels you have sailed in one place - your own vessel library ⛵️📚