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How three sailors keep a digital logbook on SailTies

Jan 31, 2023 • Written by Chris Jacobs

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How three sailors keep a digital logbook on SailTies

Keeping a record of your voyages and qualifications lets you prove your experience as a sailor, which can help you gain experience and meet new people through crewing.

SailTies is a free app on iOS and Android, with a mission to be the best way to keep all your sailing in one place. You can build your full sailor profile by combining miles logged, boats sailed, crew photos and sailing qualifications.

Here's how three very different sailors are using SailTies to keep a digital logbook:

SailTies User

Latha - Adventure Cruiser

Latha has already logged a Coastal Skipper course, Britain Circumnavigation and an expedition from Iceland to Greenland!

“I have previously recorded my sailing on navigation apps, however it’s difficult to share. With SailTies my friends and family don’t even need the app to enjoy my logs.

I love that I can record trips straight in the app or import GPX files from Navionics and chart plotters.”

Latha’s SailTies highlights:

  • Best voyage: Iceland to Greenland
  • Distance logged: 3,815 NM
  • Days at Sea: 73
  • Favourite features: Offline mode and importing GPX files

SailTies User

Koya - Day Skipper

Koya has a digital record of every mile he’s sailed, after SailTies was recommended by his sailing school.

“The crew on my course used SailTies to collate our photos onto our route each evening. As my miles increased I used my SailTies profile to charter a boat in Sicily!

I love that you can add qualifications. It’s going to make it even easier to book my next charter holiday.”

Koya’s SailTies highlights:

  • Best voyage: Day Skipper Day 1
  • Distance logged: 1,192 NM
  • Days at sea: 53
  • Favourite features: Adding crew and adding qualifications

SailTies User

Cami - Liveaboard

Nobody has logged more miles on SailTies than Cami, including an Atlantic Crossing whilst pregnant! Travelling with her husband, son and cat, she is documenting their way from the Caribbean to Polynesia, with detours in Ibiza, Azores, Brazil and Patagonia.

“I use SailTies to log my adventures around the world. I write all of the memories in my log and love that our photos are displayed on the track.”

Cami’s SailTies highlights:

  • Best voyage: Rescue in Rabat
  • Distance logged: 6,887 NM
  • Days at sea: 117
  • Favourite feature: Photos displayed on the voyage track

Start Your SailTies Logbook

What kind of sailor are you? Download SailTies to build your personal logbook and join thousands of sailors who have logged over 100,000 miles worldwide. You can even start today by adding previous voyages and qualifications.