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Five reasons to upload your sailing qualifications to SailTies

Apr 12, 2023 • Written by Chris Jacobs

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Five reasons to upload your sailing qualifications to SailTies

Here are five reasons to ditch the piles of paper and upload your sailing qualifications to SailTies:

  1. Keeps everything in one place - no more hunting for certificates, all your qualifications are at your fingertips ready to go when you are.
  2. Keeps your precious certificates safe - No more last-minute nightmares when you realise you left your ICC on the last boat you chartered or your car gets stolen with your document bag in the back. Keep your certificates safe forever by uploading them to our cloud storage. 
  3. We verify your qualifications - Our team checks and approves each certificate uploaded to our platform to make sure it’s legit. This means it can be trusted by charter companies and sailing schools. If your sailing school is on SailTies they can add an extra layer of verification by adding you to their group. - read more about schools on SailTies
  4. Easy to Share - Share your profile with your qualifications with anyone who need to see them at the tap of a button - how to share your qualifications 
  5. Ready for the next step - Be notified when you reach the required mileage for the next step up in your sailing journey - Read about uploading past voyages to SailTies

Find out how to add your qualifications to your SailTies profile here

adding qualifications on SailTies is simple

Keep track of your sailing qualifications and build your sailing CV with SailTies - available for free from the App Store and Google Play